Blessed ceramics

Within a week the main event for the ceramic industry, Cevisama, will begin in Valencia and Cifre Group will be there showing their new products. Meanwhile, here at Inspire by Cifre we want to take a look a those other objects made with ceramics.

These ceramic plant pots can be both used indoors and outdoors. We have seen them in  Mint.

We know about the versatility of ceramics and how they adopt other textures. These mugs  take advantage of that capability. Is it cold? Mugs get warm by ‘wearing sweaters’. They are from Yanko Design and we have seen them in Decora Decora.

This piece by Anna Barlow has  has shocked us. The artist makes these pottery ice creams in an attempt to stop time. She defines ice creams as momentary pleasures, so turning them into ceramics is a way to preserve both memories and moments. Via  We Heart.

From a young artist to one of the biggest ceramics companies: Lladró. The firm from Valencia presents a collection of urban sky scrapers. Seen on  Decoratrix.

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