Decorating with neons

Although there are people who still thin that neon bars belong to bars and roads and have a kitsch touch, the truth is that they have become a great decoration idea for many spaces. In fact, we loved the ones used in places where they don’t actually match.

This neon sign was made using the calligraphy of the owner of the house. Via Design Sponge. 

Thanks to The Design Files, we know this other example of neon decoration, on a kitchen wall. It shows the nickname of the owner of the house, which has a simple and pretty decoration, just in case you wish to check.

Just like you wouldn’t expect a neon sign on a kitchen wall, you wouldn’t expect to see in a boutique either. You can read ‘chic’ on this one, inside a boutique in San Francisco. Discovered via The City Sage.

Why not in a bedroom? We have known this one thanks to  Decor 8.

But if what you really like about neons is actually that vintage and kitsch touch, there are still people who craft them manually. We have seen this at  Apartment Therapy.

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